Arrazaren berreskurapenerako programari buruzko informe teknikoa

Galtzorian diren Euskal Herriko arraza autoktonak = Razas autóctonas en peligro de extinción de Euskal Herria

PLAZAOLA, José María

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The characteristics of the wild cattle known as "betizu", generally coincide with those of the pyrenaic race and, it may perhaps be correct to assume they are its fore runners. Even though the "betizu" race was abundant in the mountains of the Basque Country until recently, cattle selection and the changes in the forms of production have set them aside and have provoked their almost definitive disappearance. There are, however, sufficient reasons that advocate in favor of their protection. The most important and the simplest perhaps is that "they are there" and consequently, that they have a right to exist. A second reason: they are considered a "living cultural heritage", and certainly, the origin of the "betizus" is as ancient as that of the Basque Country itself. The third reason is the "conservation of biodiversity" and, also, "to avoid the loss of the characteristics of the raceas a consequence of the selection processes for meat production". Finally, for "ecological reasons". The future of the "betizus" is in our hands, We must save the "betizus"!
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