Etnografía del Enclave de Treviño, II

Etnografía del Enclave de Treviño, II

Aguirre Sorondo, Antxon
; Galdós López de Laño, Juan José
; Garamendi Pérez, Luis Santiago
; González Salazar, José Antonio
; Sáen de Urturi Rodríguez, Isidro

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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This work is the continuation of that carried out previously which has already ; been published. This is the result of the ethnographic field research carried out ; in the Treviño enclave. Previously, the following themes were researched on and ; published: festivities, popular religiousness, stories and legends, guilds, traditional agriculture and river fishing. In this occasion the fields studied have been: houses and annexes, families, food, dress, games, popular medicine, cattle rearing and popular veterinary science, and work concludes with an ample bibliography and the transcription of old documents related with some of these themes
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