XIX Congreso: 'Beer-pentsatu' en Bilbao y Donostia

XIX congress


XIX Congreso: 'Beer-pentsatu' en Bilbao y Donostia

In view of the dissemination and socialization of the 19th Congress in October, these informal meetings will be resumed.

%u201CBeer-pentsatu%u201D is proposed as a space to publicize the contents and objectives of the congress event in October.

In February of this year, a first experience was planned in Vitoria-Gasteiz, but it could not materialize and has been delayed due to scheduling problems. However, we are already in a position to announce that two meetings will be held in Donostia and Bilbao between the months of June and July and, subsequently, the idea is to resume them in other territories (we will soon give an account of the specific dates in the agenda section and via email to our members).

In small groups and in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, %u201CBeer-pentsatu%u201D will address the topics of the Basque Studies Congress (new socio-economic model, society and territory) in a playful, agile and close format. , around which points of view and proposals will be exchanged.

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