Krisien komunikazioa. Politika- eta osasun-agintaritzen kudeaketa arrautzaren krisian, Euskadin

Mediatika. Cuadernos de Medios de Comunicación, 16 [on line]

Rodríguez González, María del Mar [et al.]

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia ; Leioa
BIBLID [eISSN 1988-3935 (2017), 16; 141 - 158]
1137-4462; eISSN: 1988-3935

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Eggs are one of the products that more crisis have starred in recent years. Particularly, crisis related to food safety, namely, hygienic conditions of poultry houses and toxiinfections due to Salmonellosis, and related to economic issues, such as the price increase experienced by eggs last October of 2017 as a consequence of their scarcity in Europe. The origin of this shortage is precisely the object of study of this research: the contamination of millions of eggs from farms in Belgium and Holland by an insecticide called Fipronil.

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