Sub-state entities and co-sovereignty within the EU: the Basque case in the current situation

RIEV. Cuadernos, 3. Sub-State entities and co-sovereignty within the EU

Bengoetxea Caballero, Joxerramon

Publication year:
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Donostia-San Sebastián

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This work analyses the status of infra-state institutions in the European Union from the perspective of the theory of co-sovereignty or shared sovereignty. To date the protagonists have been states and the European Union, which possess a supra-state character, but in the new scenario which is being designed some infra-state entities also appear, such as the nation-regions. The case of the Autonomous Basque Community is analysed according to these parameters, presenting a case of a somewhat complex shared sovereignty combining supra- and infra-state levels as well as the so-called state levels. This triple association is evident in the New European Constitutionalism and in the debate and practice of governing, as well as in strategic agendas like that of Lisbon.
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