Agreement between Eusko Ikaskuntza and the newspaper El Correo

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Agreement between Eusko Ikaskuntza and the newspaper El Correo

Through it, both entities undertake to promote the sharing of knowledge and encourage talent in their respective areas.

Ana Urkiza, President of Eusko Ikaskuntza, and José Miguel Santamara, Director of El Correo, have today signed a three-year agreement with which both entities undertake to deepen knowledge and its dissemination.

The agreement contemplates that representatives of El Correo and Eusko Ikaskuntza will attend and participate in the work commissions that are convened as a way of contributing to academic quality, the application of innovative and relevant research methodologies, as well as to the viability of the projects.

As stated in the annex, El Correo will report on the main activities and projects of Eusko Ikaskuntza in Basque and Spanish, and will cover the next Congress of Basque Studies, scheduled for 2024, based on the characteristics it deems appropriate. For its part, Eusko Ikaskuntza will provide the newspaper with exclusive content in the form of interviews or opinion articles, and will help identify those experts who can delve into the issues determined.

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