Basque Educational System: working on the future together



Basque Educational System: working on the future together

The first work seminars related to each educational stage already have a date.

In the forum we held on September 30 at Ficoba, we formed four permanent groups to carry out an exhaustive analysis of each educational stage. The groups have been formed with experts from Ipar Euskal Herria, the Basque Autonomous Community and the Foral Community of Navarra. In addition to forming these groups, we collected elements to carry out the analysis and develop cohesive proposals at the level of Euskal Herria.

At Ficoba we open the divergence phase, through analysis exercises with work reports, which now gives way to a convergence phase. On the basis of these working papers, we will begin to work and systematize the cohesive initiatives at the level of the Basque Country, the "star projects", at each educational stage (Preschool-Primary Education; Compulsory Secondary Education - Baccalaureate; Training n Professional and University-Higher Education.

The work seminars will take place between January 22 and 30. They will be a first important step to reach the main goal of the process: the XIX Congress of Basque Studies , for which we seek to offer feasible proposals and ways for new agreements, from education, to improve the cohesion of Euskal Herria.

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