Basque identity(ies) in the 21st century: contrast phase of the results



Basque identity(ies) in the 21st century: contrast phase of the results

It is time to show and contrast the results obtained through different actions within the framework of the research project.

This year we will address the final phase of the research project Basque identity(ies) in the 21st century: objective 2050 that we will begin in 2022. In this phase we will carry out a contrast of the content and results of the project to complete the report. definitive results.

The main objective of the project is to propose the bases for the construction of a renewed plural, cohesive and integrative identity of the citizens of the Basque Autonomous Community, the Foral Community of Navarra and Ipar Euskal Herria in the 21st century. And it also has secondary objectives: to know the discourses on identity elements and the Basque character; the identification of the current agents that promote, create or reinforce the Basque identity; analyze the change in Basque identity; and, know the challenges of the Basque identity for the future.

To collect the speeches on the topic we have carried out four main actions: analysis of the content of the narratives, in-depth interviews, discussion groups and the Delphi method. The people who have participated in the research project, both in the individual exercises and in the group dynamics, have appreciated the opportunity offered to reflect on the topic in question.

When the evaluation of the session has been requested, especially in the discussion groups, the possibility offered to speak freely about the topic has been mentioned; the possibility of valuing and feeling other people's points of view; the possibility of listening and sharing perceptions; teamwork and dedicate ample time to group dynamics calmly.

Now it is time to return these contributions received to the informants and to do so, between February and May, we will carry out our own actions. The objective of these actions is to compare the results and proposals received.

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