Dimensionando el comercio de los pueblos pequeños



Dimensionando el comercio de los pueblos pequeños

La Academia de los Pueblos Pequeños ha concluido la primera fase del estudio "El Comercio en los Pueblos Pequeños". Se ha abordado la dimensión cuantitativa, centrada en analizar la situación del comercio en localidades con menos de 2.000 habitantes.

The main objective of this first phase has been to carry out a detailed x-ray that covers the number and typology of commercial establishments in these communities. To achieve this, the available statistical bases have been used to measure the number of businesses, understand the offer of products and services in each business, and calculate the commercial density rate in each municipality.

Through this first approach, we have reached preliminary conclusions that lay the foundations for the next stage of our study. This second phase, which has just begun and will end in mid-2024, will focus on the qualitative part. It is planned to carry out direct surveys of local merchants to better understand their needs and demands. In addition, contributions that are given to the local community by offering essential services will be collected.

In June of this year, we will announce the conclusions of this report, which will play a crucial role in enriching the "Lurraldea" axis of the XIX Eusko Ikaskuntza Congress . The results of this research will shed light on the vitality and importance of commerce in small towns, exploring its fundamental impact on the embeddedness of local communities.

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