Mutiloarras taking care of each other: GizarteLAB 2024



Mutiloarras taking care of each other: GizarteLAB 2024

After the first phase of the program that took place in 2023, Mutiloa has recently completed the second phase.

The challenge they have faced in Mutiloa is the creation of a Community, an autonomous and independent network of trust.

The second phase of the program began on February 26 and ended on May 20 and has included six participatory workshops in total. In them, the group of mutiloarras with interest in strengthening the community culture of the locality, has been becoming, little by little, a Community.

Thanks to the agile laboratory methodology used in GizarteLAB , both individual social competencies and collective tools have been worked on in a transversal and parallel way to strengthen the social %u201Cglue%u201D of the Community.

As a result of the work during the workshops, the Mutiloa Community has designed and prototyped two experiences that will be implemented in the town in the coming months. Both aim to attract more people to the network created so far, raise awareness about the value of people, regardless of their age or condition, and raise awareness about the importance of the Community both in the present and looking to the future.

Because we will all need the help of others at some point%u2026 At Mutiloa they are committed to taking care of each other, building a solid, open and inclusive community support network.


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GizarteLAB 2024. Mutiloa II

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