Solasaldiak: Sistema Educativo Vasco



Solasaldiak: Sistema Educativo Vasco

In the framework of the Basque Educational System forum: building the common future of September 30 in Irun, two participants dialogue in Solasaldiak.

Nora Salbotx, graduated in Magisterium and Psycho-pedagogy, teacher of the public ikastola of Amaiur, and Hur Gorostiaga, director of Seaska — Federation of Ikastolas of Ipar Euskal Herria, place the objectives and steps that are following the work program on Education of Eusko Ikasuntza. They also draw the roadmap that should culminate in the elaboration of the White Paper of the Basque Educational System.

Finally, Nora and Hur perform an exercise of projection into the future defining how they would like education to be at the end of this process and collective challenge.

(This text has been automatically translated with Elia)

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