The XIX Congress of Basque Studies now has an image

XIX congress


The XIX Congress of Basque Studies now has an image

On January 9, the president of the XIX Congress of Basque Studies, Patxi Juaristi, and the author of the poster, Bel n Moreno, presented the image of the poster in front of the venue for the congress, the Europa Palace in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

To choose the poster, Eusko Ikaskuntza called an open competition in which 44 proposals were submitted, among which four finalists were selected and put to a vote among members. Subsequently, an expert jury decided the election in favor of the work titled Kohesioa by the Gipuzkoan artist Belén Moreno Zaldibar.

In the opinion of the jury, the proposal “is fully aligned with the message of the congress and its objectives”, and presents an innovative and creative approach in terms of design, typography, colors and style. Furthermore, “is visually attractive and allows for multiple readings: In the shapes you can see people who are situated in a central plane but you can also perceive territories. The circles and their convergences/intersections are similar to union, cooperation and cohesion, and the colors, shapes and measurements are interpreted as a clear guide to diversity. Likewise, the trees that can be seen in the image evoke the Eusko Ikaskuntza oak and are interpreted as an approach to the brand” has been specified by the jury.

Since 1918, Eusko Ikaskuntza has periodically organized Basque Studies Congresses for the promotion of research and the Basque cultural personality, and for the elaboration of strategic responses to the needs and challenges of Basque society in order to its progress.

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