With an eye on Small Town commerce



With an eye on Small Town commerce

After a year of research, Eusko Ikaskuntza is about to conclude the research focused on the study and promotion of commerce in small municipalities.

Next month, Eusko Ikaskuntza will present the two reports prepared jointly with the Commerce Directorate of the Basque Government within the framework of the project to develop effective strategies that promote sustainable economic development in small municipalities.

In the first report, the evolution of the establishments and commercial density of each municipality has been measured, to obtain a snapshot of each region and identify critical environments.

In the second report, the reality of these economic activities is analyzed at a qualitative level, focusing on the critical regions previously identified. Merchants have been questioned about various strategic aspects: the replacement, the business model, digitalization, hybridization with other services, future prospects... The objective has been to understand the damage of businesses that provide this fundamental service in small towns, beyond statistical data.

This reaffirms, once again, the commitment acquired by Eusko Ikaskuntza to revitalize rural environments and small towns. Furthermore, these works will nourish the "Lurraldea" axis of the 19th Eusko Ikaskuntza Congress , providing a broader view of this reality and focusing on response strategies that help strengthen the roots of local communities, in this case, by means of commerce in small towns.

Learn in greater detail about the work being done here .

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