Beer-pentsatu Donostia

XIX Congrès

Beer-pentsatu Donostia

06/18/2024 19:00-21:00
Donostia. Bidassoa Taproom (Usandizaga, 23)

Reflection session, together with society and in an agile format, around the 3 axes (new socio-economic model; society; and territory) that will be addressed at the Basque Studies Congress to listen to contributions and concerns.

A small group of people (15-20) will get together to listen to each other and share reflections. We want to hear the opinions of the participants, and all this while having a drink, in a talk that is easy for those attending.

In order to listen to each other and talk, a maximum of 20 people will meet and, given that capacity will be limited, prior registration will be necessary (only those who receive confirmation will be able to participate in the session). With confirmed registration, drink tickets will be provided.

Usandizaga, 23 GROS - Donostia.