Presentation of the TRANSIS LAB project


Presentation of the TRANSIS LAB project

02/29/2024 10:00
Vitoria-Gasteiz. ARTIUM

Given the challenge presented by longevity in rural areas, the TRANSIS LAB project was born, to launch a Cross-border Living Lab as a shared-use experimentation laboratory to promote 6 pilot experiences that connect different socio-health support resources to improve quality of life of 400 frail older people in rural areas of the POCTEFA Region.

Eusko Ikaskuntza participates as a partner entity in this project led by the Basque Government and in which 10 other partner entities intervene: DGORS, UPNA, EFD, ReSant -Vous, Novaldi, Zabalduz, Zakan Sozial, D partement des Hautes Pyr n es, UDeusto and HCL.

This initiative will study how to address care in rural areas by implementing a series of studies and teaching materials accessible to professionals in the medical-social field in rural areas and to social-health entities that will result in a Cross-Border Agenda for Social Innovation in Longevity for rural areas (public policies).