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Large Techno Social Systems. Emergence of Social Welfare Techno Systems. Summary = Sistema teknosozial handiak. Ongizateko teknologia-sistemen sorrera. Laburpena

Basabe-Desmonts, Lourdes (1); Zabala-Iturriagagoitia, Jon Mikel (2) [guest editors]

Foreword: Large Techno Social Systems. Emergence of Social Welfare Techno Systems=Hitzaurrea: Sistema teknosozial handiak. Gizarte-ongizateko teknosistemen sorrera

Echeverria, Javier (1); Ugalde, Jesus M. (2)

The co-UTOPIA of the 21st century city

Apezteguía, Maite

Critical and concious digital humanities: a decalogue for the short future

Ipiña Larrañaga, Nagore (1); Atxa Uribe, Vicente (2)

Technology and Mental Health: Benefits and Risks

Balluerka, Nekane (1); Goñi-Balentziaga, Olatz (2)

Distant Futures and Situated Identities: Unforeseen Consequences of Technosocial Systems in the Left Bank of Nervión River

Gurrutxaga Abad, Ander (1); Galarraga Ezponda, Auxkin (2)

Elements of complex networks

Larrañaga, Pedro (1); P. Soloviev, Vicente (2)

Humanized Computing for higher collaboration and reciprocal learning between machines and people

López-de-Ipiña, Diego (1); Casado-Mansilla, Diego (2); Puerta-Beldarrain, Maite (3); Gómez-Carmona, Oihane (4)

Basque Research and Innovation as a learning techno-social system: organization, policies, and challenges

Otegui-Feliz, Itziar (1); Ibarra, Andoni (2); Pitarke, José María (3)

Human Preference Formation and Measurement of Impact in Large Techno-Social Systems

Palacios-Huerta, Ignacio