What is Eusko Ikaskuntza?

Eusko Ikaskuntza – Society of Basque Studies, EL-SEV is a private scientific-cultural entity founded in 1918 by the Autonomous Regional Governments of Araba-Alava, Biscay, Guipuzcoa and Navarre to give a global and comprehensive response to the social challenges of Vasconia, taking into account its territorial particularities and overcoming administrative, ideological and social barriers. 

Eusko Ikaskuntza: Oñati 1918

By understanding the past Eusko Ikaskuntza-Society of Basque Studies undertakes research and analysis which give rise to formulae and guidelines for the present and future of Basque Society. 

It is the only multidisciplinary institution of a scientific nature that is formally established in the Autonomous Basque Region, the Autonomous Region of Navarre and the Continental Basque Country. 

Its ample social base is made up of people with an active commitment to science and culture, innovation and collective progress. 

Eusko Ikaskuntza. Jardunaldia (2016)


  • Generating areas for open, plural and independent thinking in the Basque and global social context. 

  • Encouraging study, research and promotion of applied knowledge from an open, multidisciplinary scientific approach.

  • Promoting analysis and reflection on strategic social challenges to which it provides innovative answers. Making the transformation of Vasconia possible from and with society.

  • Catalysing the articulation of the social fabric by promoting its cohesion.

  • Working with equality criteria and promoting intergenerational work.

  • Collaborating with organisations and associations to generate knowledge networks.

  • Using different communication and dissemination media to guarantee the socialisation of the knowledge generated and ensure social return.


EI-SEV, as a scientific-cultural entity and meeting point, studies, researches and disseminates knowledge about and/or from Vasconia, to boost its progress and enhance social cohesion and shared identities. Its objectives are the strengthening of traditional values of Basque culture, cultural elevation and dissemination and the creation of new values for the benefit of all persons residing in culturally Basque areas.

EI-SEV's performance is determined by characteristics derived from its Statutes:

  • Anticipation: To analyse basic needs and social challenges
  • Studies and Innovation: To generate social debate to help decision making
  • Integration: Of civil society
  • Dissemination: Of its reflections, studies and research to society as a whole
  • Promotion: To overcome shortcomings in scientific and cultural infrastructures


  • Multidisciplinary nature

  • Acting as a bridge territories

  • Connection with citizens

  • Generational fusion

  • Inter- agency cooperation

  • Guarantee of the use of the basque language

  • Gender perspective

  • Ideological independence

  • Internationalisation


The members of Eusko Ikaskuntza are a key piece:

  • They are the institution's driving force and support.

  • They participate as promoters of ideas and an active part of projects.

  • They collaborate as analysts, creators and promoters of knowledge.


Eusko Ikaskuntza comenzó en febrero de 2019 un proceso de reflexión acerca de la igualdad. Fruto de ello es el documento que se presenta a continuación: I. Plan de Igualdad entre Mujeres y Hombres de Eusko Ikaskuntza (2019-2022).


EI-SEV contains two foundations: Asmoz Fundazioa and Barandiaran Fundazioa. They each have their own website that informs about their nature and activities.