Reflection in the media on the impact of the transition



Reflection in the media on the impact of the transition

Koro Muro Arriet, project manager at Eusko Ikaskuntza, signs the opinion article that was published this month in the Diario Vasco as well as the reflection article published in Euskonews.

In the opinion article he explains how transitions can be faced through Eusko Ikaskuntza's GizarteLab program .

In fact, the GizarteLab program responds to the objective of acquiring, remembering, sharing and transmitting those skills and social capabilities that give us the necessary empowerment to face the challenges and transformations that loom over each person. In this sense, it indicates how the resulting networks and citizen communities provide us with a valuable and little-exploited resource until now.

Based on the various initiatives launched in recent years in different municipalities, it has raised the keys to a better understanding of the program and the innovative methodology applied.

All of this can be read in Spanish in the article Exploring the impact of the transition and in Basque in the article GizarteLAB: Berrikuntza sozialeko esperientzia from Euskonews magazine.

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