Britaniar krisi organikoa: Brexita, Eskoziar independentzia eta demokraziaren pribatizazioa

The most important events in the United Kingdom in the last few decades have been Brexit and the referendum on the independence of Scotland. The starting point of this process can be found in the structural changes occurring from the 1980s onwards: Thatcherism marked a turning point in trends towards privatisation of democracy and authoritarian statism, establishing the main characteristics of the economic, social and institutional order of subsequent years. Later, the international financial crisis amplified the contradictions of the British and contributed to intensifying the crisis. From our point of view, Brexit and the Scottish independence process are, at the same time, cause and consequence of the British organic crisis, the root of which can be found in the changes occurring in the 1980s.

Brexit. Scotland. Privatisation of democracy. Sovereignty. Populism.