Fisika joniarra eta fisika kuantikoaren atzetik metafisikaren jaiotza eta birsortzea

Emerging on the coasts of Ionia, after physics and by way of reflection promoted by the idea of physics, philosophy underwent a second birth in the 20th century, especially in Europe, as a result of the aporiae reencountered by physics. On this occasion, what motivates physics is a crisis generated in its very foundations, arising from the same tenets that made it possible. One of the aspects we will highlight is that physics as such has taken a step forward, like it did in the past, in that in both cases and via different routes, it reveals that the exploration of the nature of things is inseparable from questioning the nature of who did the exploring.

Physis. Physics Metaphysics. Ionian physics. Quantum physics. Philosophy. Nomos. Ananke.