nUMBER 44 · 1999Revista Internacional de los Estudios Vascos. RIEV, 44, 1

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Gabilondo, Joseba... [et al.]


Issue 44, 1 (1999, 1 ) of the International Journal of the Basque Studies (RIEV) covers, through the articles published in the Tribune section, the principal fields of Basque culture and society. Additionally, it also includes its customary Review (Reseña) section - where reference is made to the latest and most outstanding publications on Basque topics. Also included is Thesis - the list of doctoral theses defended in the universities of the Basque Country and commentaries on those related to Basque culture. There is also a News (Noticias) section - with the most outstanding events in the Basque Studies Society and in the country. Joseba Gabilondo analyses the forms in which Basque language and culture have historically placed themselves facing modernisation as form of approaching their contemporary location, as opposed to positions of globalisation. Iñaki Iriarte explores the origins of the complex political and identity realities of Navarre since the last third of the 19th century. James Jacob examines the nature of contemporary Basque nationalism in France and identifies the principal factors that can exert influence on its future evolution. Andoni Kaiero studies the attitudes and the action of the actors in Basque labour relations within the difficulties originating from the context of the Spanish state and the achievements attained. Juan Plazaola starts, with his article on Basque paleolithic art, a series in which he will go through the history of art until the present day. Finally, Juan José Sayas has worked on the chapter devoted to ancient history, placed within the History of Vasconia as elaborated by various authors.