nUMBER 61 · 2016Revista Internacional de los Estudios Vascos. RIEV, 61, 2

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Abella Mena, Ignacio [et al.]


Grouped under the section Tribune, the International Journal on Basque Studies, RIEV, in its 61.2 edition, publishes five articles on various themes. The naturalist from Alava, Ignacio Abella, opens the edition evoking the "meeting trees" as heritage and symbol of identity. Haizea Barcenilla and Ismael Manterola write in Basque on Art criticism in the Basque Country over the last thirty years. The economy in its human dimension is the theme of the text by Santiago García Echevarría entitled El desarrollo de la persona: clave de ordenamiento económico-societario (The development of the person: key to economic-social structuring). The anthropologist specialising in the topic of fishing Rosa García-Orellán offers an interdisciplinarity reflection on the Galician fishing industry and emigration in Trintxerpe, neighbourhood of San Sebastian, between 1920 and 1970. Finally, Benjamín Zufiaurre contributes with the article La pedagogización de la vida diaria y los imposibles consensos en educación (Making daily life more pedagogical and the impossible consensus on education). Three news articles on scientific and cultural themes and six bibliographic reviews complete this 61.2 issue of RIEV.