nUMBER 6 · 2010RIEV. Cuadernos, 6. The Making of Parliaments: 19th and 20th Century, Europe and America

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134 p. ; 24 cm. ? (RIEV. Cuadernos ; 6)
Agirreazkuenaga, Joseba ed.


How have Parliaments been designed and evolved over the last two centuries in European and the Americas? Specifically, to what extent have various kinds of parliaments been able to accommodate the birth and rise of complex unions and composite states and how did have they reflected the politics and power relations of their time? To address these questions through both horizontal comparative analysis of parliaments (including the French, Italian and Spanish cases) as well as vertical, multi-level comparative analysis "below and above", eg. substate and the supranational Parliaments (Europe). Special emphasis will be given to the Basque and Scottish case.