New research program on Border Spaces



New research program on Border Spaces

Aimed at strengthening the dialogue between territories and promoting a space to get to know each other and think together.

The new work program of Eusko Ikaskuntza takes as its starting point the conviction that border spaces are living territories in both productive and reproductive terms with the capacity to face common challenges, including climate change.

From the assumption of the particularities of each territory, work will be done in favor of its cohesion together with institutions and agents directly concerned, with a deliberative methodology and valuing participatory culture.

Offer a framework to reflect and discuss the concept of muga, in tune with the concept of European cohesion. With this basis, the objective of the new program is to strengthen the dialogue between territories and reflect on the need for a space that allows us to jointly face the challenges of the future. To do this, good practices and strategies that are developed in our living territory will be analyzed to promote new relationships, rethink new strategies and common methodologies.

The results and conclusions will be made public at the XIX Congress of Basque Studies next October.

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