Solasaldiak: about GizarteLab



Solasaldiak: about GizarteLab

The GizarteLAB social innovation project is this month's topic in the Solasaldiak section.

Koro Muro, responsable du projet GizarteLAB, and Javier Castro, social innovation consultant and executive director of SOCINNOVA, address the keys to this work program launched by Eusko Ikaskuntza in 2019 with the aim of training people in social skills with those that face the challenges of the near future, while promoting collective intelligence and improving the collaborative relationship with institutions.

How can we go from the individual to the community? And how is innovation activated in the community? What skills in transition do we need to anticipate future challenges and innovate in the present? And how do we build the key to change? Such are the questions that Koro Muro and Javier Castro review in their interesting conversation.

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