Solasaldiak: XIX Congress of Basque Studies

XIX congress


Solasaldiak: XIX Congress of Basque Studies

President Ana Urkiza and the president of the 19th Congress, Patxi Juaristi, speak this month in front of the Solasaldiak cameras.

In their conversation, those most responsible for the event place it in the context of the mission of Eusko Ikaskuntza since 1918, the date of its founding as a result of the I Congress of Basque Studies held in Oñati, the first in a series aimed to provide answers to the social and cultural challenges of the Basque world at each historical moment.

Going into the details of the program of the XIX Congress scheduled for October 2 to 4 in Vitoria-Gasteiz with the slogan “Elkartzen Gaituena / Lo que nos une / Ce qui nous rassemble”, Ana Urkiza and Patxi Juaristi review its objectives, the thematic areas to be addressed and the target audience. Likewise, they influence the idea that will be at the core of the reflections of the 19th Congress: the need for a Social Contract for the cohesion of the society and the territory.

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