Transis Lab: longevity and quality of life in rural areas



Transis Lab: longevity and quality of life in rural areas

On February 29 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Transis Lab project for social innovation on longevity in rural areas 2024-2026 was presented.

Funded by the European Union's POCTEFA interreg program, the fundamental objective of Transis Lab is to establish a Cross-Border Living Lab that serves as a space for collaborative experimentation and from which six pilot experiences are promoted. These experiences will integrate various socio-health support resources to improve the quality of life of 400 frail older people who reside in rural areas of the regions involved.

Within the framework of the Transis Lab cross-border network, different learning and knowledge transfer modules will be implemented aimed at professionals in the medical-social field and socio-health entities in rural areas; Likewise, a Cross-Border Agenda for Social Innovation in Longevity will be designed and disseminated for public policy managers.

Transis Lab is led by the Basque Government and has the participation of various organizations, universities and institutions from Euskadi, Navarra and Aquitaine. Eusko Ikaskuntza joins Transis Lab in line with the work it has been developing within the Lurralde Oreka-Territorial Balance work program aimed at improving the living conditions of rural populations through social innovation and collaborative work.

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