Fuentes Documentales Medievales del País Vasco

Archivo General de Navarra (1234-1253) II. Comptos y Cartularios Reales

Archivo General de Navarra (1234-1253) II. Comptos y Cartularios Reales

Author[s]: García Arancón, Mª Raquél

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In 1987, within this Collection of Documental Sources of the Basque Country, Margarita Martín González published the diplomas issued by Teobald I of Navarre (1234-1253), adding other private diplomas related to acts of government of the kingdom and several feudal contracts of serfdom. In all, the series comprises 161 pieces. This collection completes the previous issue, with 40 documents of this reign, preserved in the General Archives of Navarre. It includes five minutes from Teobald I, three from James I of Aragon, eighteen dispensations and fourteen private documents. They proceed from the Accounting Section and of the Letter Collections I, II, III and IV. It is worth emphasizing the two texts that contain the compensations generated by the war that the king of Navarre waged against England in Gascoigne toward 1244. Both collect an abundant toponymics, in many cases minor toponymics from Ultrapuertos, Labourd, Soule and other trans - pyrenaic lands which were disputed by Navarre and England.




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