Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía

The Eusko Ikaskuntza-Basque Studies Society Section Notebooks were created in 1982, as a serial publication to divulge research and fieldwork carried out by the researchers of the various Scientific Sections. These also include monographic issues that include conference minutes, research scholarships and homages. The Notebooks are directed to researchers, university students and all those who are interested in corresponding subject matter. Each series is directed by its own Board of Editors.

The first "Cuadernos de Sección. Cinematografía" is published in 1985. As from issue n?. 2 (1997) its denomination is changed to Ikusgaiak. Cuadernos de Cinematografía.

Ikusgaiak. Memory and presentation

Regulations for the presentation of originals


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