Fuentes Documentales Medievales del País Vasco

Archivo Municipal de Mondragón. Tomo V. Libro 2. Copia de Privilegios Antiguos (1217-1520)

Archivo Municipal de Mondragón. Tomo V. Libro 2. Copia de Privilegios Antiguos (1217-1520)

Author[s]: Herrero, Victoriano José; Achón, José Angel; Mora, Juan Carlos

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This volume is composed of the documents of the Municipal Archives of Mondragón dated between 1501 and 1520 and, also, those prior to the mentioned period and included in "Book 2" or Book of "Copy of Ancient Privileges" in the cited archives. This is a Copybook in which the legal memory of the council is compiled and it collects over 200 copies of documents dated between 1217 and 1532. The documents compiled in this "Book 2" are a perfect reflection of the different periods of medieval history in Mondragón and of the most important topics in each one of them: during the 13th and 14th centuries the documentation of a fiscal character prevails, as well as documents on iron and trade; as of 1382 there are documents on the problem of the parties, and the documentation becomes a compilation on the relationship of the town with the Lord of Oñati, head of the gamboins. Finally, as of 1490, and after the abolition of the decrees, municipal life is reorganised. This last part is the one mainly dealt with by the transcribed documents as a whole. From the ordinances on the election of posts up to the relationships with external political agents (the Monarchy, the Bishopric, the Province), a fair amount of data parades before our eyes reference to the key moments of the political organisation and action in one of the most important councils in Gipuzkoa in the 16th century.




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