Babes-errekurtsoa erlijioirakaslearentzat. 51/2011 Konstituzio Auzitegiaren Epaiari iruzkina

Eleria. Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Leturia Navaroa, Ana

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián


Religion is a free-choice subject in statutory education and is of a denominational nature. It is up to the religious denominations to specify content and propose teachers, but these teachers are contracted by the Administration. A teacher of religion of the Catholic denomination married a divorced person in a registry office wedding. As far as the diocese was concerned, the teacher was no longer deemed suitable for the job she was doing. As far as the teacher was concerned, having a registry office wedding in no way affected her work as a teacher or respect for Catholic doctrine, and that she had been entitled to do this. Criteria are examined to resolve the conflict of rights.
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