Brinkola gogoan. Apunte historiko eta etnografikoak

Brinkola gogoan. Apunte historiko eta etnografikoak

Author[s]: Ugarte, José Luis; Madinabeitia, Tere; Ugalde, María Jesús

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Alkatearen agurra. Hitzaurrea. Laburpenak. Sarrera. I. Brinkola kantuz. II. Gaztaroko oroitamenak. III. Zazpi begiko zubiariI. IV. Pasadizoak. Etxez etxe. VI. Pertsona izenak eta izengoitiak. VII.Iturriak. VIII. Izenen aurkibidea.

This book describes the neighbourhood of Brinkola, located in the valley of Legazpi. With that purpose in mind, 47 of the main buildings built over the last 500 years have been taken as a starting point and various historical and ethnographic notes with reference to such buildings have been laid out in chronological order. The work is completed with a great deal of ancient as well as modern photographs. With respect to the layout of the book, the following plan is repeated in the various chapters: 1. Earliest historical data reference to the buildings; 2. Destiny of the families and neighbours that inhabited these buildings; 3. Text on a concrete topic, such as: gentiles, ironsmitheries, dances, collection days, speculation, the French" biographies of important characters and other events. Archives and oral testimonies constitute the most-used sources.




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