¿Cómo cohesionar un territorio conformado por diferentes comunidades?

XVIII Congreso de Estudios Vascos El futuro que nos (re)une: Congreso del Centenario. Baiona, Gasteiz, Iruña, Bilbo, Donostia, Oñati, 2018

Thunder, David

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390-399 p. ; 27 cm. - (Congreso ; 18)

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:This paper examines the challenge of uniting a territory comprising different communities. It is a topic that seems increasingly important, not only in the context of this country and its constituent regions, but also in the context of any modern, multicultural country.What I would like to contribute is not detailed knowledge of the problem issues in the Basque Country and Navarre but rather more a few basic principles, rooted in a Republican vision of political life, that should govern any territorial cohesion project in the context of community pluralism involving different identities and political and cultural visions. One basic element of the problem revolves around developing a collective narrative capable of embracing the interests and perspectives of the main communities within the territory.

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