Fuentes Documentales Medievales del País Vasco

Documentación medieval del Archivo Municipal de Pamplona (1357-1512). II#096

Documentación medieval del Archivo Municipal de Pamplona (1357-1512). II#096

Author[s]: Cierbide, Ricardo; Ramos, Emiliana

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The second volume of the medieval documentation of the Municipal Archives of Pamplona includes a total of 163 documents. These documents were written in variouslanguages: Latin, Romance from Navarre, Castilian, Occitanian, Aragon and French, and encompass almost two centuries of the history of Pamplona, from 1357 to 1512, just before Navarre was annexed to the kingdom of Castille. Most of the documents reflect the privileges and exemptions that the city of Pamplona received from the Navarran monarchy. Some of them are about the problems generated by the existing rivalry between the three jurisdictions in Pamplona: Burgo de San Cernin, Población de San Nicolás and the Navarrería; this rivalry will peak during the unification of the three jurisdictions, reflected in the Privilege of the Union dated 1423 - already published by C. Martínez Pasamar, but also included in this collection - as well as in the inclusion of the city in the General Jurisdiction of Navarre the same year and in the adoption of a series of laws for the common government of the town.




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