e5 proiektua: zer izan den eta nola egin de. e5etik e3+L

XVIII Congreso de Estudios Vascos El futuro que nos (re)une: Congreso del Centenario. Baiona, Gasteiz, Iruña, Bilbo, Donostia, Oñati, 2018

Marko Juanikorena, J. Inazio

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261-267 p. ; 27 cm. - (Congreso ; 18)

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The e5 project (Euskararen Etorkizuneko Eszenarioak Elkarrekin Eraikitzen or BuildingTogether the Future Scenarios of Basque) has been a participative project of Eusko Ikaskuntza.Their aim has been to identify the assets currently available to the Basque community as such, based on six aspects of capital (social, economic, political, cultural, infrastructure and human); to envisage the assets it wishes to have in the future and to design the necessary architecture to achieve this objective, all based on the methodology of Appreciative Inquiry.The project has focused basically on three symposiums:Appreciative workshop, Creative workshop and Design workshop.The other theoretical reference of the project was known as UTheory, so in the end we have proposed that the e5 project be called the e3-L project: Euskal komunitatea(k) Etorkizunetik Elkarrekin Lideratzen or Leading the Basque community (communities) together from the Future.

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