Eibarko aditzaren zenbait berezitasun: partizipioen forma eta zenbait erabilera

Oihenart. Cuadernos de Lengua y Literatura

Areta Azpiri, Nerea

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Forms of the participle in the original Basque of Eibar are presented from the point of view of phonetics and morphology. Bearing in mind the different varieties, pure forms are presented and both vocal and consonant endings are classified individually, as well as compound suffixes. Likewise, mention is made of how some borrowings have come about/adapted. Vestiges of the old participles are indicated as well as verbs that each of the participles use and the "alternations" between pure participles and verbal paraphrasia. At the same time the semantic field is also studied.
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