El alma de Garibay. Perfil psicológico, a través de ; su Autobiografía (Una mentalidad de la Contrarreforma)

El historiador Esteban de Garibay

Moya, Jesús

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Approximation to the psychological profile of Garibay as deduced from his ; autobiographic "Discurso de mi vida" (Discourse of my life) following the line of the "Counter-Reformation mentality", closely examining a (non-exhaustive) range of ; attributes, from religiousness to "picaresca" (roguishness). The Religiousness that is analysed is analysed with both its clearer and darker aspects, including a certain moral distortion based on an anti-machiavellian "motivation of the Church". Other religious aspects of that era include exteriorities, some of which were positive, like the social reform, and others more folkloric, like popular festivities; and finally, the cult of relics as a mark of anti-Protestantism.
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