El desarrollo urbano de Vitoria y su significación: el caso de Lakua como espacio simbólico de barrio

Trabajos sobre Ordenación y Gestión del Territorio de Euskal Herria, 1

González Hernández, María Teresa

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The aim of this work is to offer both an urban planning and a social point of view on the expansion of the city toward the area known as Lakua. In its configuration two trends are observed: it can be considered a New Town or a quarter of the town. This work analyses it from the latter perspective. It was originated by means of the ACTUR urban plan. Initially it was conceived as a residential area, and thereinafter it was developed by means of partial plans. Nevertheless, it was observed that its development contributed to segregating it from the city, and therefore the 1985 general plan is reviewed. The author analyses the current situation of Lakua and the spaces for interrelationship.
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