El futuro del trabajo en Euskal Herria: nuevos horizontes

XV Basque Studies Congress: Donostia-Baiona 2001. SBasque Science and culture and computer networks

Rodríguez, Arantza ; Zubero, Imanol

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Civil society must be capable of constituting a new collective subject that is to be the product of an alliance between trade unions, civic movements and political parties with the objective of establishing a new social norm of employment to combat the processes of employment under precarious conditions. From this perspective, concrete measures have to be impelled, like the reduction and allotment of working time, the reconstruction of a right to work that will guarantee social and political rights, the setting-up of a basic civic income. But, above all, it is imperative that we once again think of work without reducing the concept to employment, recovering the dimension of social time as the axis of a new consideration of all socially necessary work.
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