Eleria, Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Eleria. Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Eleria. Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Author[s]: Häberle, Peter... [et al.]

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The latest issue of the legal magazine Eleria presents articles of very diverse nature. As refers to the topics discussed in-depth, the magazine collects the projects "The eternal struggle for Justice - The Law towards Europe", by the German expert Peter Häberle; "The Constitution of Co-operative Companies", by Izaskun Alzola; "Successoral agreements in the Statutory Civil Law of Gipuzkoa", by Leire Imaz; "The frontier: a reality to overcome", by Ander Arzelus, Helena Moreda and Felipe Saragueta; the Judgement on the legality of Statutory Decree 372/2000, which regulates the use of the Basque language in the Public Administrations of Navarre, by professor Iñaki Agirreazkuenaga ; and "The function of the University in Basque legislation: a reflection from the optics of Penal Law", by Professor Jon Landa. The magazine also includes interviews with Alberto Atxabal on the elaboration of his doctoral thesis in Basque, and with Jesus Prieto de Pedro on the language employed in Law. All this accompanied by the habitual sections in Eleria, like Chronicles, Commentaries and News.




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