Energía y Transporte

XVI Basque Studies Congress: Bilbao, 2005. Sustainable development - IT. the future

Moralejo de Lapuente, Maitane ; Rodríguez Vaamonde, Sergio ; Perona Carrasco, Gloria ; Maestre Pedano, Diana ; Marrón, Laura ; Campo Pérez, Ana ; Rodríguez Ezquerro, Adrián ; Ponte Taboada, José Ignacio ; García de Pereda, Pablo ; Ríos Piñeiro, Eneko ; López Valiente, David ; Unzue Díaz, Zaira ; Sabada Trujilla, Aingeru ; López Martínez, Ángel ; Darquiestade Lamelas, Mikel ; Estévez González, David

Publication year:
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Donostia-San Sebastián

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A study on two matters of relevance, energy and transport. Both are intimately connected. We have made considerable headway in terms of energy studies, and we have thus cheapened various costs in our economies. It is now a matter of reducing costs as much as possible, and obtain minimum costs in such applications. This means studying those fields in which energy is the basis and more concretely the field of transport.
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