Entre la promoción y la protección: el banco de emisión y descuento de Vitoria (1863)

Poder, pensamiento y cultura en el Antiguo Régimen. Actas de la 1ª Semana de Estudios Históricos Noble Villa de Portugalete

Angulo Morales, Alberto

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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This work offers an overview on the performance of public and private entities in the articulation of economic structures in 19th-century Alava. The project ; crystallises with the appearance of the Trade Bank in Vitoria, which symbolised the success of a long process, initiated in the 18th century. This process meant ; erecting an economic institution to channel the aspirations of the mercantile sector. However, the peculiar legal situation of Alava also intervened in this economic process with the generation of difficulties that added to the desires of the new economic class that was then in power.
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