Epílogo: Reflexión sobre la percepción vasca del esclavismo en el pasado y en la actualidad

Vasconia. Cuadernos de Historia-Geografía, 47. Los vascos y la esclavitud=Euskaldunak eta esklabutza [on line]

Azpiazu, José Antonio

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BIBLID [1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539 (2023), 47; 165-188]
1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539

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Basque historiography has hardly addressed the issue of the presence of slaves in the Basque Country. Testing it would run counter to the concept of blood cleaning and the good track record of the Basque people. The laws outlawed their greed, even their presence, but the reality shows that there were a significant number of slaves, who were subject to business and worked for their masters or, in the case of women, acted as company ladies. Ecclesiastical rulers and dignitaries belonged to the payroll of slaves.Still at the end of the twentieth century many authors resisted admitting the presence of slaves in our land, let alone the practices of Basques trading in slaves. Historians considered it a taboo subject and refused to investigate, despite the fact that the documentation provided abundant data. This work intends to reflect this refusal to investigate and the advances that have occurred in this field since the end of the last century.

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