Escultura y lugar en la construcción sensible del paisaje. Reconocimiento cartográfico y gestión estética para una ciudad expandida al territorio

XVII Basque Studies Congress: Gasteiz, 2009. Innovation for sustainable social progress

Arnaiz Gómez, Ana
; Elorriaga Oribe, Javier
; Laka Intxaustegi, Xabier
; Moreno Martínez, Javier
; Valle Murga, Teresa del
; Vivas Ziarrusta, Isusko

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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We understand sculpture as an art technique whose exclusive form lies in the phenomenon of construction that have elevated certain aesthetic experiences constituent of humans to anthropological value. Consequently, we take the sense of the actions as a starting point that are supported by notions of mass, volume, space and construction, proposing to recover the sensitive experience of the landscape from interdisciplinary artistic creation.
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