Estudio de las familias Liliaceae e Iridaceae de Navarra

Cuadernos de Sección. Ciencias naturales

Lorda López, Mikel

Publication year:
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Donostia-San Sebastián

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In this work, we ara analising the seventy sic (76) taxons of the Liliaceae and Iridaceae families found, up to date, in Navarra. Apart from a chorological-ecological catalogue of the species, the work is completed with a brief review of the relief, climate, geology and vegetation of Navarra ; the distribution of the taxons according to the different seasons, climates and phytogeography ; the conditions that favour the growth ot these geofitas and a brief comment about its protection. An apendix has been added where the most significant species of the Liliaceae and Iridaceae families in Navarra are idintified and described
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