Garapen Iraunkorra: erakunde pribatu zein publikoek daramaten politika

XVI Basque Studies Congress: Bilbao, 2005. Sustainable development - IT. the future

Azkoaga Ugalde, Jon ; Basurto Arruti, Asier ; Martínez Beaskoetxea, Irune ; Bilbao Bilbao, Leire ; Gómez, Tamara ; Miguel, Gaizka

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The statement according to which the damage that the currently dominating model of development can bring about in the future is enormous is unquestionable for an ever-increasing amount of people. In fact, our society has started to realise that sustainable development is the development that is really the most convenient for us. This having been said, certain public institutions, political parties and private corporations which have a determining role in the mechanism of the unsustainable model use the defence of the ideas of sustainable development as a disguise with which to hide their real faces and thus enjoy an acceptable presence in society.
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