Gorbeialdeko mitoak eta euskara

Jokoak, Kirolak eta Folklore-Ikerketa. Jardunaldiak. Basauri, 2008 / Juegos, Deportes e Investigación Folclórica. Jornadas. Basauri, 2008

Etxebarria Ayesta, Juan Manuel

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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If you want to know what the road is like, there is nothing like having gone ; down it frequently oneself. Having been there once, since 1975, the year that Ander Manterola made me a member of Jose Miguel Barandiaran´s Etniker team in Bizkaia, I´ve been making my way down the road of ethno-linguistics in the villages in the Gorbeia area, in Zeberio in particular. In this talk I will be examining the book that I wrote "Gorbeia inguruko etno-ipuin eta esaundak" (Ethno-tales and Sayings in the Gorbeia Area) and explaining aspects of it, the constant aim being to enrich future Basque.
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