Hegemonia eta erradikalizatze demokratikoa Euskal Herrian

XVII Basque Studies Congress: Gasteiz, 2009. Innovation for sustainable social progress

Zubiaga, Mario

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Over the last few decades we have been through a broad democrati-sation process in the provinces of the Southern (Peninsular) Basque Country. The cycle of protest and the democratisation we have experienced here are both indispensable phenomena. At the same time, we will be linking democratisation (or democratic radicalisation) with hegemonic processes, in theory and in practice. The fact is, without hegemonic operations, the "people" that is needed for democratic change is not created. In recent years, the Basque political system has seen fierce hegemonic competition which is reflected in the discursive categories of autonomism and sovereigntyism.
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