Hegoaldeko euskal literatura milurte berriaren atarian

XV Basque Studies Congress: Donostia-Baiona 2001. SBasque Science and culture and computer networks

Olaziregi Alustiza, María José

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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In our conference we shall be speaking of the characteristics that have conditioned the evolution of contemporary Basque literature and the challenges of the new millennium. With this objective in mind, we will start by reflecting on the singularities and weaknesses of the Basque literature system and we will then study the evolution of the main literary genres. The debates generated by the critique, the new market laws or an ever more abundant market offer will be contributing to our analysis. As a complement of the study, and starting from conceptual pairs like canon/margin and centre/periphery we shall be reporting on the readings carried out and the proposals made. The readings, which were full of the emotions provoked by good literary works and critical metaphors, will accompany us for the rest of our lives.
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