Herri kirol jarduerak eskola kirolean: diagnostikoa eta ; proposamenak

Jokoak, Kirolak eta Folklore-Ikerketa. Jardunaldiak. Basauri, 2008 / Juegos, Deportes e Investigación Folclórica. Jornadas. Basauri, 2008

Egibar Artola, Miren
; Garai Ibáñez de Elejalde, Beatriz

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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This paper sets out to explain the initial conclusions of a piece of research ; that is ongoing. The first aim of our research is to find out about the presence of Rural Sports activities in the school sports sphere. In other words, which types are developed, and what differences may exist between territories. For this purpose we have examined the programmes and activities that have been implemented by different organisations in recent years.
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